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Thank you for very much for participating in last week’s opportunity for certification in Basic Presentation Structure and Content.


We would now like to offer you a FREE opportunity for certification in Audience Engagement. To receive certification, first review the 13 posts below, and then take a short on-line exam to demonstrate your knowledge.


Again, as this is a trial program, we offering certificates to just the first 20 exam-takers and only one exam attempt per user will be allowed.


To take the exam click here. (opens a new window)

UPDATE 04/26/2014  just 15 certificates left.

UPDATE 04/28/2014  just 10 certificates left. 


Exam details:


Time allowed

7 minutes maximum



Pass mark

80% (but all test takers will receive a certificate of exam completion)


no email required (just enter the name that you would like to be printed on the certificate)





11 transitioning to Q&A

12 Q&A ensuring understanding

13 Q&A ensuring readiness

14 Q&A answering questions

15 Q&A avoiding questions

16 ending Q&A


advanced techniques

17 advanced techniques

18 advanced technique 1

19 advanced technique 2

20 advanced technique 3

21 advanced technique 4

22 advanced technique 5

23 advanced technique 6


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