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A confident presenter will always aim to give a good answer rather than a quick answer. Ensuring readiness means that you make time so that you can give a more effective answer- even if the question appears simple.


Here are 3 techniques that will give you time before you answer:


1. Repeat

2. Comment

3. Fill


1. Repeat

Repeat the question you have just been asked aloud. Use an expression such as: So, you are asking me… or So, your question is… Doing this also helps to ensure understanding for both you and the audience.


2. Comment

Give yourself extra time by commenting on the question. You can say: That’s a good/interesting/difficult question.


3. Fill

There are a few words in English that do not have much meaning, but are useful for filling a short amount of time, for example: OK, right, well, let me see.


Here is a sample use of these techniques:


Audience member: Can tell me why you predict that costs will fall in the next 10 years?


Presenter: So your question is why do we predict costs will fall in the next 10 years. Hmm. That’s an interesting question. OK, well, let me think…


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