IELTS for Business

The IELTS exam, unlike TOEIC, tests English communication ability equally in reading, writing, speaking and listening. To be successful in IELTS, you need to be able to develop many communication skills that are important for business. In this way, it is much more a test of English communication ability than just English ability. We provide a comprehensive training program as well as input and output tests. What is more, we also make detailed, individualized reports on program participants.
In detail, IELTS for Business:
is a true all round measure of English communication ability
is a global standard
provides a goal for study
allows you to speak more concisely and logically
helps you interact with a native speaker face-to-face
improves your speaking response time
makes you listen better for both detail and general understanding
improves your written English
makes you read faster
can precisely identify communication strong points and weak points
can help you identify which employees can really communicate in English
Model Flow


The entrance to the program is on input test. This is held in controlled conditions, using authentic materials in the same manner as an actual IELTS test. The test can be conducted in one day or half a day depending on logistics and number of participants. Following the tests, we prepare individual evaluation reports. These evaluation reports are far more detailed than the official IELTS results and include specific comments on the participants’ use of English. What is more, we have the ability to deliver these evaluations to much tighter deadlines than the official IELTS results service.
Participants can then improve their communication skills through a program of IELTS ability development. The development program improves speaking and listening through weekly face-to-face workshops or, if more convenient, Skype contact. Reading and writing skills are enhanced through a regular submission program using authentic exam material. To accelerate the development of participants, detailed feedback is available throughout.
Participants exit the program with an output test. Apart from different test materials, the conditions are the same as the input test. Again, detailed evaluations can be produced within a short amount of time. Although scheduling is flexible, genuine improvement is quite possible by holding the whole program (entrance, development and exit) within a 3-month time frame.

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