Core English

Core English is a simplified way of expressing yourself for business communication. It is easy to learn and use. Anybody can communicate more effectively using Core English. If you only know a few words, you can use them to make your point in English in a business context for the first time. If you already have some ability, Core English can help you organize your ideas far more effectively.


In detail, Core English:


allows people of different abilities to learn together

helps you communicate more accurately

is quick to learn

is easily understood by even low levels of English ability

helps high ability communicators simplify their message

helps business people get their essential message across

can summarize information efficiently

can be used to express opinions in meetings

can help highlight the benefits of a product or service

can explain simply how to complete a process

can be used to show why there is a problem

will build your communication confidence in English



Model Flow

Sample Schedule


Introduction comes through an initial group session. The length is adjustable, but 2 hours is the minimum and 4 hours or more is ideal. It can be held at a location of your convenience. The number of participants is also flexible. Core English works well with both small and large groups (more than 20 is quite possible). Input sessions are generally highly energetic and interactive with plenty of rotation amongst the participants. Feel free to make groups of mixed abilities: Core English is designed to be useful for any level of English speaker (it has even been used successfully by native speakers).


A coaching program provides practice. There are various tools available for this. Firstly, we counsel the participants individually about building a study plan for practicing Core English and finding opportunities for using Core English in their business lives. Secondly, we provide regular group workshops to sharpen their Core English skills. Thirdly, we have experience in running remote programs in which students can practice and receive feedback on Core English.


Participants confirm ownership of their skills in an output group session.  During this, students will review the main themes of Core English. In addition, they will give feedback on how they have been able to use Core English in their actual business lives since the initial input session. They also have an opportunity to take ownership for their continuing development by making a commitment statement which clearly defines a personal strategy for improving their communication skills.


The elements of the above program are highly flexible and adaptable to client needs. Core English is designed to have an immediate impact. The whole program can be completed in 3 months. Even just holding an initial input group session will have a significant positive effect on communication skills.




Case Study


One leading logistics company wanted a practical English course for participants who were being earmarked as future global managers. The problems were that the participants had widely different English levels and they worked in separate locations.


We held a one-day large group input session with Core English in the morning followed by one-on-one counseling in the afternoon. In the counseling session participants made plans for their on-going English study and Core English usage opportunities.


Three months later the participants reassembled for a half-day seminar in which they shared their Core English usage experience and success stories. They reviewed, re-sharpened and practiced their Core English skills. The session ended with each participant making a final commitment statement.



At the beginning of the input session-

“I could never do this!”


Four hours later-

“I can’t believe I could do that.”

“Amazing!” (Assistant Manager, 35)

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Core English Example

The following video demonstrates the significant and immediate communication improvement that is possible using Core English. Before being introduced to Core English, a participant is asked to make a speech explaining why he enjoys his favorite food. One hour into a group Core English introduction session, he is given the chance to apply Core English to his initial topic.



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