Communication Skills

These are intensive sessions that target rapid improvements in specific communication situations.
learn to structure your message for a global audience
improve your confidence for speaking in front of others
make a connection with your audience
interact naturally with visual aids
use effective body language
participate actively in discussions
give your opinion assertively
facilitate meetings effectively
achieve your goals within a limited time
get agreement on a clear plan of action
plan your negotiation strategy
build relationships with your negotiation partners
ask effective questions
negotiate assertively when necessary
create value as far as possible
Cross-cultural management
analyze your own situation effectively
develop a framework for dealing with uncertainty
learn to leverage diversity
practice in a workshop environment
participate freely in both Japanese and English
Leadership training
develop your sense to be able to see the true picture
learn how to influence even when authority is lacking
deal successfully with conflict situations
practice new techniques in an interactive environment
return to your office with highly usable skills

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