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Well, I hope you all enjoyed that delicious lunch.


The fifth of our advanced techniques to grab your audience’s attention is the use of a topical comment. A topical comment is something unique to the time that you give your presentation.


Generally, you should prepare your presentations several days before. However, one connection you share with the audience is that you are all experiencing the same occasion together. If you include something fresh, content that is unique to the day, a comment that could not have been written well in advance, then the audience is likely to identify with it.


Here are 3 common sources of topical comments:


1. Weather

2. News

3. Event


1. Weather

This is an easy technique, but one that universally works. You can comment on the good, bad or even exceptionally mild weather last night, now or predicted.


2. News

Is there any recently breaking local, national or world news you can comment on during your talk?


3. Event

Make a comment about the venue, a previous speech or the attendees; the more specific the comment, the better.




* sample answers for the previous blog post.


a) The ideal manager is experienced, flexible and honest.

b) To build a successful company you need to listen to your customers, innovate constantly and grow sustainably.

c) A successful marriage has trust, understanding and communication.



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