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What you need to be successful in business is determination, hard work and a lot of luck.


The fourth of our advanced techniques to grab your audience’s attention is the use of tripling. Tripling means expressing your ideas in groups of three. Read the follow set of sentences aloud. Which sounds most effective?


Our new service is cheap.

Our new service is cheap and friendly.

Our new service is cheap, friendly and efficient.

Our new service is cheap, friendly, efficient and high quality.


A series of three often creates a progression in which the tension is created, built up, and finally released. This technique has been exploited over the years in both literature and public speaking to create a peak in interest.


Try it yourself. Complete the following ideas with 3 of your own ideas:


i)       The ideal manager is…

ii)      To build a successful company you need to…

iii)      A happy marriage has…


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