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Keep it simple


Presentation slides should be used to increase the impact of your talk. Ineffective presentation slides often either copy the text of a talk or include detailed information that will distract audience attention away from what are saying. If you really need to deliver detailed information, then give a document, preferably, after your talk has finished.


Here are 2 rules for keeping it simple:


1. Reduce text

2. Use images


1. Reduce text

Go through your presentation slides and check all the words you are using. Are they really necessary? If you can, reduce whole sentences to single keywords or where possible eliminate words completely. For example, it may be possible to cut the titles from graphs and illustrations if their content is obvious from the context of your talk. Or perhaps you can find an image that will support your message more strongly than words.


2. Use images

One of the most effective ways to convey a message in a global presentation is through images; pictures speak a thousand words. Use images that have an impact either through their simplicity, beauty and humor.


If you are making a non-commercial presentation to an internal audience, striking images can be easily found through a Google image search. Even a non-concrete concept such as “trust” will have many image options for you to choose.


For a commercial presentation with a small budget, iStockphoto is a great place to search for images. If you are making a presentation that will be seen externally and do not want to spend any money, you can still find various options both using images that are bundled with your presentation software (clip art) and also various copyright free image banks.




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