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The second element of body language to consider is the use of gestures. Using gestures is a great tool to help emphasize your message. Gestures are also sign to the audience that you are confident and passionate about what you are saying.


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Here are 2 things that will maximize their impact in your presentation:


1. Freedom

2. Proactivity



1. Freedom

You will not be able to use gestures effectively if your hands are already occupied. So, put down anything you are holding such a book, pen or pointer. Don’t put your hands in your pockets. Avoid crossing your arms or holding your hands together. Instead, as basic position keep your hands open and apart at about the height of your belt.


2. Proactivity

Often in presentations, speakers only start using gestures after 2 or 3 minutes once they have lost their initial nervousness and loosened up slightly. You can give a better impression by being proactive and consciously seeking out opportunities to make gestures in the opening of your presentation. For example, you could gesture toward yourself when you give your self-introduction, gesture in the audience direction when outline benefits they will get from listening to your presentation and finger count as you go over the items in your overview.


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