Presentations- summarizing

After signposting the end of your final point, you should move onto a summary. The purpose of the summary is to reinforce your main points in your audience’s minds before you end your presentation.


The summary is a quite similar to the overview, but there are 2 differences. Firstly, you are looking back so the past tense should be used. Secondly, it’s appropriate to include some mini-detail of your main points.


Here is a sample summary:



“…so, that’s all I want to say about my third and final point, body language.


Ok, before I end, let me just briefly summarize my main points.


Firstly, I discussed preparation: brainstorm content and then select based on the needs and interests of your audience.


Secondly, we looked at structure: opening, main body and ending.


And finally I focused on body language: posture, gesture and eye contact.”


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